International Legal Conference
The George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies and EUCOM Staff Judge Advocate hosts an annual international legal conference to encourage collaboration between European neighbors on mutual legal challenges that the region faces, conducting joint/combined operations.

The George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies and EUCOM Staff Judge Advocate co-host an annual International Legal Conference to encourage collaboration between European neighbors and the United States on mutual legal challenges they face in conducting joint operations and combating terrorism. This initiative supports EUCOM’s mission by advancing partner capacity for democratic defense establishments and increasing U.S.-NATO partner interoperability. The ILC provides a unique opportunity to discuss lessons learned from coalition operations and facilitates formal and informal consultation on complex military and policy legal issues.

The conference adheres to a strict policy of non-attribution and consists of keynote addresses; panel-style debates; and elective, small-group topical discussions. Attendees include senior civilian and military advisers at Ministries of Defense and general staff levels of their respective governments; mid-level subject matter experts; academics; and non-government organization representatives. More than 40 European and Eurasian nations have participated in the conference.

U.S. participants include EUCOM attorneys; component staff judge advocates, representatives from the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies; and attorneys and policy advisers from the Joint Staff, the Office of the General Counsel, the DASD for the Rule of Law and branches of the Armed Services.

Speakers and facilitators are invited from both the U.S. and partner nations and include presentations by recognized experts on rule of law in the deployed environment, anti-corruption efforts, rules of engagement and operational law ‘in the field’, public procurement and a host of other pertinent legal topics. 

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