Strengthen Strategic Partnerships
EUCOM’s mission is to preserve strategic partnerships, sustain relationships and develop partner capacity, capability and interoperability.

When an issue arises in U.S. European Command’s region, assessing the situation is hardly handled in a vacuum. Taking a “whole of society” approach, EUCOM addresses its regional and global issues by integrating academia, non-government organizations, international organizations, and the private sector. And it is through this collaboration that EUCOM can conduct a full spectrum of activities to secure enduring stability in Europe and the Caucasus and defend the United States forward.

EUCOM headquarters has onsite representatives from the U.S. Departments of State, Energy, Treasury and Justice, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Agency for International Development, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement  as part of its network of key Pentagon, EUCOM, interagency and external actors that work together to advance EUCOM/NATO goals. Having these diverse representatives provides important perspective to military operations in a timely fashion to shape decisions and policies.

Additionally, EUCOM conducts outreach to academia, think tanks, and private industry to communicate EUCOM positions and extend networks for leveraging good ideas, knowledge, and information into value-added products and processes. The end result is a decision-making process that incorporates a wide range of expertise and resources.

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