Adapt to a Complex and Dynamic Strategic Environment
U.S. European Command’s mission is to counter transnational threats by working with allies, partners, interagency, other Combatant Commands, and public or private partnerships.
The U.S. Department of Defense defines these things as transnational organized crime, or transnational threats, and countering them is an important part of EUCOM's mission.

U.S European Command is committed to the pursuit of four enduring national interests: security, prosperity, respect for universal values, and the shaping of an international order. EUCOM's strategy is organized around a single, unifying principle: to build, balance, and integrate the tools with our power to combat transnational organized crime and related threats to our national security. And we urge our partners and allies to do the same.

Our role in countering these threats is to help our partners and allies to strengthen governance and transparency, break the corruptive power of criminal networks and to sever state-crime alliances. EUCOM also builds new partnerships—with industry, finance, academia, civil society and non-governmental organizations—to combat organized crime networks.


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