Tricks or Treats?
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Take the quiz in our final blog to review the basics from the month!

As October draws to a close, I hope that our blogs and other messaging to increase awareness of cyber security best practices and training has given you a chance to reflect on ways to improve EUCOM’s, and you and your family’s, security posture. The network is a system that gets to the core of information, and we're all responsible for protecting that information from adversaries who threaten our operations, missions, and put our family’s well-being and our personal identity at risk.

How about a quick quiz to review the basics?

1. You get a phone call asking for some sensitive information that’s related to your cyber identity. Do you answer the questions?
Yes – Trick; No – Treat

2. You trust E-mails requesting information, directing you to websites that start with “https”.
Yes – Treat ;  No – Trick

3. When you go on vacation, you limit posting personal info about where you are on social media.
Yes – Treat ;  No – Trick

4. You open a suspicious email advertising a “great deal” and click on the attachments…
Yes – Trick;  No – Treat

5.  You shop for good deals on websites that are imitations of well-known luxury brands!
Yes – Trick;  No – Treat

6. You regularly monitor your credit card statement for suspicious purchases.
Yes – Treat;  No – Trick

7. You encrypt your E-mails containing sensitive information.
Yes – Treat;  No – Trick

8. You regularly review briefings and other information for potential data breach (sensitive information in notes pages).
Yes – Treat;  No – Trick

9. You keep the software on your computer, tablet and mobile device updated.
Yes – Treat;  No – Trick

10. You update your computer with security software from…
Yes – Trick;  No – Treat

Do you have a big bag of treats?  Are you still looking for a little more awareness?

The Cyber threat is sophisticated and tenacious and these adversaries threaten our mission, our families and personal identities.  We need to work together to keep our networks, personnel and information secure. Stop and think before you connect.

Let us know which subjects you’d like to have more information and we’ll keep sending you updates throughout the rest of year.

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