Gen Breedlove outlines his priorities during confirmation hearing
Air Force Gen Philip Breedlove highlighted the Afghanistan security transition, the Arab Spring and the US and Russian relationahship among his command priorties as well as schools, housing and access to medical care so he can keep the family "squared away" and service members can focus on their mission.

Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, commander US Air Forces in Europe, US Air

Forces Africa and the NATO Allied Air Command, testified in a confirmation

hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee April 11, 2013. The SASC is

considering his nomination as commander, U.S. European Command and Supreme

Allied Commander, Europe.

If confirmed, General Breedlove said his first focus will be getting the

transition in Afghanistan right. One of the biggest challenges in the

transition process is "enabling tools" such as intelligence, surveillance and

reconnaissance technology, he said.

He also listed the Arab Spring, State Partnership Program and the US - Russian

relationship among his command priorities.

General Breedlove added that supporting the broader US government effort to

ensure NATO makes the right choices to maintain its capability, capacity and

credibility would be high among his priorities.

You can watch the entire nomination hearing here:

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