Incirlik broadens social networking imprint
INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey — The 39th Air Base Wing has expanded its use of social networking sites in preparation of access to these sites being opened on government networks May 10.

INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey — The 39th Air Base Wing has expanded its use of social networking sites in preparation of access to these sites being opened on government networks May 10.

The wing created pages on YouTube, Flickr and Blogspot. These sites are in addition to its presence on Facebook and Twitter.

"Social networking is a great opportunity for our airmen to keep in touch not only with each other, but also up-to-the-minute news," said Air Force Col. Eric Beene, 39th ABW commander. "Quite often, web sites like YouTube scoop some of the major TV networks."

Incirlik members can check out the base's latest videos at YouTube. This site will contain the latest Man on the Street, Incirlik Minute and newcomer's videos. Viewers can also create their own YouTube account and subscribe to the page to receive updates when new videos have been uploaded.

The latest official commentaries will be posted at Blogspot. Readers can comment on individual posts and voice their own opinion on the topic.

In addition to the base's public web site, official Incirlik photos will be also be posted at Flickr. For the budding photographers out there, members of Flickr can join the base's group "Incirlik Life." Photographers can upload their own photos or videos about life on and around the base to the group page and receive comments and constructive criticism.

"These are great opportunities for not only the base to get information out, but for our community as a whole," Beene said. "We've already had huge success on Facebook, which provides information for the community and for our newcomers. The public web site, while still our primary information tool, doesn't have the interactive ability of the social networking sites. We have had a big impact through the Facebook discussion board helping newcomers with questions."

The base's primary social networking tool is Facebook. Viewers can become fans of the page by viewing the base's wall. Links to all 39th ABW social networking sites can be found at the top, right corner of the home page.

Some concerns have been voiced in regards to wasted time while viewing these sites at work. While this can be a valid point, those concerned are reminded that there are currently other web sites which airmen can waste ample amounts of time viewing.

"Just because we're opening access to these particular sites doesn't mean the mission is going to stop," Beene said. "Our airmen are the finest the Air Force has known. The responsibility levels of airmen continue to rise as force management issues have cut our force. We still get the job done ... and in an outstanding fashion. Ultimately it will be up to the first-line supervisors to ensure our people remain on task. However, if our airmen can accomplish all the extremely important and zero-defect missions here at Incirlik while having a Facebook page open, all the better."

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