Air Force’s C-5 makes big impact in Berlin Air Show
BERLIN, Germany -- Ten active-duty and Reserve aircrew flew the aircraft from Dover Air Force Base, Del., to showcase one of the largest aircraft in the world and the Air Force’s largest airlifter June 9.

BERLIN, Germany -- Ten active-duty and reserve aircrew flew the aircraft from Dover Air Force Base, Del., to showcase the Air Force's C-6 aircraft June 9 during the ILA 2010 Berlin International Aerospace Exhibition and Conferences in Berlin, Germany.

“Everybody seems to be surprised on how big the cargo and the flight deck,” said Air Force Maj. Tim Morris, C-5 aircraft commander from 512th Airlift Wing at Dover Air Force Base. “It is not often for them see this type of aircraft. People want to see the it.”

The Berlin Air Show is one of the premier events of its kind, with more than 1,150 exhibitors from 4 countries, including the United States, presenting advanced technologies.

“The people have been fantastic,” Morris said. “They are genuinely excited about this. We are showing them the unique characteristics of the C-5.”

The gigantic C-5 Galaxy, with its tremendous payload capability, provides the Air Mobility Command airlift in support of United States national defense. The C-5 can carry fully equipped combat-ready military units to any point in the world on short notice and then provide field support required to help sustain the fighting force

During the Air Show, the visitors are given the opportunity to see various aspects of the aircraft, including the flight and cargo decks, as well as the cockpit.

According to Morris, preparations and setting up of the C-5 on the aircraft’s show area is a tremendous task.

“There are some great challenges in getting a C-5 to an air show because it takes up too much space,” the major said. “It took almost an entire day to get this aircraft oriented in such a small space. It takes a lot of coordination.”

Coordination that includes towing the aircraft and ensuring it is prepared for the viewing public. The team also had to come up with a system to usher people in and out of the aircraft.

“It’s very clear why these individuals are chosen, they are top performers,” Morris said. “It takes a lot of teamwork to move hundreds of people through the aircraft in an organized way. I’m lucky that I have nine people who are topnotch. They know what to do.”

For Air Force Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Fay, 709th Airlift Squadron loadmaster from Dover AFB, he said he is happy to meet and greet the visitors, and provide them any information they ask about the C-5.

“I am excited to be here,” Fay said. “This is the first time I am participating in a foreign air show. I’ve never been to Berlin before. This is amazing.”

Morris said the aircrew is eager to show the C-5 to the people of Germany as well as other countries in the world.

“This is exciting for the crew,” he said. “This is an unusual opportunity, and it’s a great to show the Air Force’s C-5 capabilities as well as its sharp air crew.”

More than 200,000 visitors are expected to attend the weeklong Berlin Air Show.

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