Analytic Framework and Decision Support Dashboard
The Decision Support System integrates information across disparate systems to improve mission progress and outcome assessment while being flexible so as to accommodate changes in source data systems.

Today’s cost-constrained environment requires the Department of Defense to understand where resources are being invested and ensure the efforts and activitiesrealize their desired goals and outcomes.  Integrated information is needed for context-aware decisions, and even though technology cannot replace human analysis, it can facilitate analysis and decision-making by consolidating data from disparate sources, correlating and visualizing key performance information, providing a “whole-of-EUCOM” perspective for resource awareness and alignment.

EUCOM J7’s Decision Support Division leads the development of an Analytic Framework and Decision Support Dashboard to integrate and visualize information from various command systems and data sources. This capability, built upon a foundation laid by the Joint Forces Command, allows senior leadership and staff action officers to monitor progress -- and adjust activities if necessary -- to ensure mission objectives are met.

The solution is built around commercial-off-the-shelf software, with development to continue through March 2013.  EUCOM is ensuring increased efficiency and continuity of effort by coordinating with Joint Staff J7, and welcomes collaboration with other U.S. government and partner organizations. Contact information is available on the EUCOM J7 organization page.

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