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The U.S. Government assistance to Serbia continues to promote opportunities for economic growth, build capacity with key counterparts, and work steadily to move the country toward stability and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Serbia has strongly emphasized its desire to join the EU and has begun to implement a broad reform agenda to advance the government’s EU integration goals. Serbia currently enjoys stable diplomatic relations with all of its neighbors except Kosovo (once a part of Serbia).

Belgrade has made efforts to improve relations with its regional neighbors including the affirmation of the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and taking steps to improve relations with Croatia, working to resolve longstanding obstacles to greater cooperation, including refugee, property, border, and war crimes issues.

The Serbian Armed Forces consist of two services--the Army, and the Air Force and Air Defense--comprising approximately 36,000 personnel.

There is no permanent U.S. military presence in Serbia, though the countries regularly partner for training and outreach programs.

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