Volunteer Internship Program (EVIP)
EUCOM offers volunteer opportunities to students enrolled in an accredited trade school, college and/or university. These opportunities allow students to explore career options in their field of study and develop personal and professional skills.

Program Summary

Volunteer students are exposed to the work environment while learning about the Department of Defense missions and responsibilities. Student volunteer service is enriching and benefits include:

  • Career exploration early in your academic studies
  • Exposure to new and emerging occupations and professions
  • Academic credit for the work you perform
  • Department of Defense SECRET clearance for those that qualify

Public law prohibits the Federal government from accepting volunteer service in most situations. No person may provide unpaid service to the Federal government or provide service with the understanding that he or she will waive pay. However, there are specific exceptions when this can be done, and the employment of students to further their educational goals is one example.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for consideration in this program, you must meet all four criteria*:

  • Student must be enrolled, at least half-time, in any accredited undergraduate or graduate educational institution degree program.
  • Students must obtain and maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Students MUST be available to work a minimum of nine (9) weeks in the program (work schedules vary).
  • Students must be a U.S. Citizen and must be able to successfully complete a background security investigation.

*Preference will be given to those students that already possess a Department of Defense ID Card and SECRET or higher personnel clearance.

Once placed in the program, students may continue to volunteer as long as they meet program eligibility requirements. Participants in the Volunteer Student Internship Program must end their internship at the time of graduation or withdrawal from enrollment.

How To Apply

The Volunteer Internship Program is a continuous, annual program.  There are no specific deadlines for submitting applications; however, we recommend you apply at least six (6) months prior to your desired internship dates. In all
instances, we will keep your resume on file for twelve (12) months. If you have not been contacted within that timeframe, we recommend you reapply with your updated cover letter and resume.

To apply for a EVIP appointment with HQ USEUCOM, all applicants are required to submit:
- A current resume (no special format required). Please include your expected
graduation date.
- A cover letter identifying yourself as an applicant for the Volunteer Student Intern Program. The letter should also contain your career area of interest and the timeframe(s)/dates you are able to intern.
- Unofficial transcripts clearly showing your grades/GPA.
- Educational Institution Acknowledgement Letter (.pdf, 142 KB)

E-mail the above documents to the HQ USEUCOM Administrative Section: eucom.stuttgart.ecj9.mbx.evip@mail.mil.  This organizational e-mail account is monitored by the EVIP Team and is your primary method of corresponding
with HQ USEUCOM.  E-mails sent to the personal accounts of EUCOM personnel may not be read as they are outside the EVIP administrative process.

Please merge all documents into ONE (1) Adobe PDF when applying. You should name your file with your last and first name (i.e. Smith, John.pdf).

No hard copy submissions will be accepted.

It should be noted that, under 5 U.S.C 3111, a student volunteer is not a Federal employee for any purposes other than injury compensation and law related to the Tort Claims Act. Student participation in the program is on a voluntary basis, and there is no remuneration or other employee benefits provided. HQ USEUCOM does not provide housing assistance or support. Volunteer service is not credible for leave or any other employee benefits or monetary compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are interns issued a CAC card?
No, interns are issued a “token” or “alternative” CAC.

Are Unsalaried Interns eligible for housing, transportation, or per diem benefits?
No. There are no employee benefits connected with the appointment.

Can the unsalaried intern appointment be extended past original date?
Yes. Coordinate extensions with the EUCOM Academic Outreach office with the new exit date.

Will I require a student VISA?
Possibly. Interns intending to stay longer than 89 days in Germany may require a visa. This can be coordinated prior to departure through the closest German consulate/embassy or immediately after arrival. (Does not apply to command sponsored dependents or ROTC Cadets on active duty orders). 
Please see the following EU law governing VISA requirements:  "As of Oct 18, 2013 non-EU citizens may stay in the Schengen area no more than 90 days in any 180-day period without a VISA."

Are interns subject to drug testing?
Yes. Interns are subject to drug testing as part of the application process and at any time throughout their appointment.  Failure to comply with drug testing is grounds for removal from the program.

What if I need to leave early due to extenuating circumstances?
Extenuating circumstances are exactly that, extenuating. Each situation will be handled appropriately within the context of the circumstance and adjudicated by the Director of the ECJ9. In any case the intern’s Academic Institution will be notified.  Also any expenses incurred due to early departure (rent deposits, cell phone contracts, plane ticket fees, rental car penalties etc) are the responsibility of the intern. 

Are interns eligible for the EUCOM Sponsorship Programs?
Yes. Interns may be assigned a sponsor in accordance with the assigned directorate's sponsor program.

Can EUCOM recommend any places to stay while I'm in Stuttgart?
No. EUCOM is prohibited from endorsing any for-profit lodging establishment. However, there is a Facebook page run by current and former EVIP interns with best practices, lessons learned and lodging recommendations. The Facebook Group is called the "Stuttgart Volunteer Internship Program". (Please don't contact EUCOM about issues or information found on this Facebook page) https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/640974522643409/

Will I have access to the base facilities such as the commissary, AAFES exchanges/ shoppettes/ express/ gas stations?
No. Only DoD ID cardholders and their command sponsored dependents are allowed to utilize these facilities. (This does not apply to the fast-food courts, libraries, gymnasiums or other common use facilities which do not require a DoD ID card for purchases under the reduced tax provisions of the Status of Forces Agreement.)

Points of Contact and Useful Websites

German Visa Regulations and Procedures


US Embassy, Berlin Germany Country facts




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COMM +49-(0)711-680-2124


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