U.S. European Command Headquarters Commandant's Office
This office provides the daily unit-level personnel administration and finance support to all personnel assigned and attached to EUCOM headquarters.

The office also provides individual training, logistical support, and command administrative functions, and establishes a Joint Personnel Reception Center for contingency operations, as required. The commandant's office also performs other tasks, as required, to ensure the success of the command group, command directorates, and the overall EUCOM mission.

The Commandant's Office is located in Patch Barracks Bldg. 2308, Room 107. It is open Monday through Friday, and closed on American federal holidays. Hours vary due to training, so call ahead to determine the best time to visit for your needs.  

All provided phone numbers are DSN unless otherwise listed.  To dial commercial, call +49.711.680.XXXX (outside Germany) or 0711.680.XXXX (within Germany)

Joint Personnel Center - DSN 430-8534

Joint Reception Center - DSN 430-8481

Training / Operations - DSN 430-7367

Joint Logistics Center - DSN 430-2317

Facilities Manager - DSN 430-2992

Military Retention - DSN 430-6666

After Duty Hours / Weekends

For assistance please call Staff Duty NCO at 0151-121-78697 (commercial)

All personnel -- active duty, reserve*, individual augmentees, civil service, and contractors -- are required to report to the Commandant's Reception Center upon arrival to Patch Barracks to pick up the HQ USEUCOM Inprocessing Checklist. 

* Reservists working weekend drills only should have their supervisory office provide a copy of their orders to the HQ Commandants office. Reserve personnel on orders less than 45 days will receive an abbreviated Headquarters In-Processing checklist.

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