Marshall Center
Located Garmish, Germany, the Marshall Center's College of International and Security Studies and Outreach Programs directorate conducts a variety of unique programs involving officials from more than 110 countries. The center staff teaches most programs in three languages: English, German and Russian

The Marshall Center has a unique role within EUCOM. The college maintains a long-term academic focus while outreach focuses on current issues and problem solving, as well as maintaining contact with more than 60 percent of all Marshall Center alumni.

The Marshall Center contributes to the national strategy of security cooperation throughout the region with tailored, professional education and research, dialogue, and the persistent, thorough, and thoughtful examination of issues that confront its client nations today and in the years ahead.

Those who come to the Marshall Center will have an opportunity to identify common values, create transnational friendships, work toward common understandings, and build a more peaceful and cooperative political and security environment throughout the region.


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