J5/8 - Policy, Strategy, Partnering and Capabilities
The J5/8 Directorate develops basic military/political policy and planning for command activities involving relations with other U.S. combatant commands, allied, and international military organizations, as well as subordinate commands.

The J5/8 directorate offers a unique perspective as a result of forward-operating military representatives in the U.S. embassies, one that enhances partner and mil-to-mil outreach and training. 

The J5/8 works closely with the other directorates, interagency partners, and allies, and uses diverse inputs to continually refine plans, ensuring they remain aligned with strategic guidance and the realities of an ever-changing environment. Whether it is evaluating current capabilities, searching for the next technological breakthroughs, or analyzing what EUCOM should look like in the next 10 years, the J5/8 always has its eyes on the future.

The directorate is fully committed to a secure, stable Europe through programs such as:

  • Partnership for Peace
  • U.S. National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership Program
  • International Military Education and Training program
  • Foreign military sales
  • Foreign military financing
  • NATO and coalition support

Address: HQ USEUCOM/ECJ5/J8, Unit 30400, APO AE 09131
Comm.: +49 (0)711-680-5005
DSN: 314-430-5005
Fax: +49 (0)711-680-7451

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