J2 - Intelligence
The J2 Directorate's intelligence enterprise provides advanced warning, situational understanding, relevant predictive estimates, and strategic context for active security and lines of operation.

The J2's intelligence findings drive EUCOM’s policy and decision-making, balancing the requirements of decision-makers with those of operational commanders, providing unparalleled military intelligence. The J2 leads intelligence operations and coordinates with national agencies, allies, and other partners to leverage a “whole of government” approach while identifying risks and opportunities to enable stability and security across the theater.

EUCOM’s intelligence enterprise strategies include:

  • Command, control and integrate theater intelligence activities
  • Maximize national, allied, and partner capacity and capabilities through increased collaboration and federation
  • Pursue authorities’ architectures to realize partnership potentials
  • Identify intelligence shortfalls and corresponding risks to develop mitigation strategies
  • Train, educate and exercise the workforce to ensure readiness
  • Supports partnership building, stability operations, contingency planning, combat operations, and crisis response

Address: HQ USEUCOM/ECJ2, Unit 30400, APO AE 09131
Comm.: +49 (0)711-680-8007
DSN: 314-430-8007
Fax: +49 (0)711-680-6776

EUCOM Language, Regional Expertise & Culture (LREC) Program

The EUCOM Language Regional Expertise and Culture Program's mission is to support implementation of language, regional proficiency planning, cultural awareness and capability resourcing within EUCOM.


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